Uninstalling Cisco Packet Tracer in Linux

Recently, I wrote a blog post about installing Cisco Packet Tracer in Linux. But, didn’t write how to remove it.

Here’s a quick tutorial about removing Cisco Packet Tracer from Linux System.

For this tutorial, I am using Ubuntu 17.10. Type/ paste following commands in the terminal for successful removal of the application from your system.

sudo rm -r /opt/pt

The default installation path of Packet tracer application.

sudo rm /usr/share/applications/pt7.desktop

The installer created a desktop file at this location. If you’re using any other version of Packet Tracer, use that version number instead of ‘7’ in ‘pt7.desktop’.

sudo rm /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48×48/apps/pt7.png

The default path for the application icon.


I hope this quick tutorial has helped you remove Cisco Packet Tracer application from your system. If you have any doubts, find any grammatical errors, or want to request any tutorial, feel free to make use of comments section. Thanks for reading!


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