Thanks for checking out my blog! I am Tanmay Chandane, you can read about me here. I use this platform as an informational site. I have been using GNU/Linux as my daily driver since 2014 and experimenting with FreeBSD since 2016. I started my Linux journey with Ubuntu 12.10, and have been distro hopping till date.

As of today, I use Ubuntu Mate on my laptop and Arch Linux on my computer and home server. Some of my favorite *nix distributions are Arch Linux, FreeBSD, OpenSUSESlackware, and Ubuntu. “This quote is taken out of context.” My dream is to develop and maintain a Linux distribution and or a Ricing Script which would just work on low-end devices.

I got inspiration for creating this site from nixCraft, which I have been following for a long time. Honestly, the aim of starting this blog is to improve my English skills, share knowledge, and create a digital archive of things I do on my computers. As of now, I am focusing this blog on Linux, but I am planning to write about BSD and Windows too in near future.